Subjective Skin
Subjective Skin: The 1st Unbranded Skincare Store
Paris, France

The 1st Unbranded Skincare Store

"from the perspective of your skin, reinventing the way you shop skincare" - spoken by the founders, Astha Kanth and Lydia Lukyanov, of Subjective Skin
At subjective skin, they are looking to change the industry by doing everything differently.

As two former skincare company employees, they literally took everything they wanted to change and built their own platform. They are redesigning the future of skincare, one that is individualized and prioritizing your skin over marketing.

What matters in skincare is important to us, and our brand values.

Photo courtesy of Subjective Skin
They partners with brands that practice thee values of Subjective Skin.

That’s why we decided to collaborate with brands that really care about what matters. These are brands that not only claim a sustainable and vegan brand, but a company that practices these values in every aspect of their production. Subjective Skin has already collaborated with emerging brands in the US, Canada and Europe.On our end, we're committed to sustainability by only allowing you to purchase products locally. For example, the app only provides European products if you are in Europe. The impact of overseas shipping can be reduced by supporting local brands.

Shopping on Subjective Skin is the complete opposite of shopping at larger skincare companies.

That's because you won't be able to shop on our website without taking a quiz that asks you questions about your skin and lifestyle to determine which products are best for you. After taking the quiz, users are given a chance to browse products that are tailored to their skin type.

Screenshot of the Subjective Skin’s unique online store
Subjective Skin Shop for one of the customer.

After taking a quiz to determine your skin type and list aspects of your lifestyle (amount of time you spend in the sun, caffeine consumption, etc.), you are brought to a personalized version of the website that only suggests products for your unique needs. All the subjective information you typically view while shopping is taken out of the Subjective Skin experience. One of those pieces of information are brands, so when you're shopping on Subjective Skin, all your decisions are based off objective criteria and not by brand names.

They make it the mission to provide targeted, personalized care that prioritizes your specific skin concerns.

Change The World

They set out to take everything we disagreed with from what we saw at work and launch subjective skin. The two founders of subjective skin saw the need for an easy way to get personalized skincare. This means the store is built around what your skin needs. Yes, it's literally built for individual customers when they enter. The consumer answers a skincare quiz about their unique skincare needs and our algorithm matches the ingredients in our products to what they need. Astha and Lydia founded Subjective Skin because they believed it was important to include small businesses in this industry. Furthermore, they designed the company with many different needs in mind. The duo is committed to partnering only with small, sustainable businesses that are dedicated to natural ingredients.

Beliefs in Skincare

A final advantage our team does not want brands to compete on is aesthetic appeal. "Subjective skin" is an up and coming cosmetic brand that offers individualized skincare. It’s the world’s first unbranded skincare store. They show you the outline of the product you would receive, the price, ingredients, reviews from satisfied customers, and information about who founded the company.

So why would a bottle of an unappealing shelf item make you want to buy it?

We are so excited as two young women in our 20s to attempt to make such a dent in the industry. We really hope that subjective skin really changes the way people think about shopping for skincare.